LASG Takes Over The Land Of Collapsed School

The Lagos State Government (LASG) has already Take over the Collapsed School Land In Lagos State.

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This week can best be described as a week of many deaths, while we still mourn of the Ethiopian Air, then the #ItaFaaji building collapse happens which left 20 dead including childing and 40 rescued alive.

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In lieu of this, the Lagos State government has begun demolition of weak structures and buildings that failed the integrity test.

According to LSBCA, 80 Houses have been marked for demolition and demolition has started immediately without fear of favor.

The Nigeria INEC has finally soldiers of disrupting Rivers state governorship election.

The agency’s task force began with the demolition of a three-storeyed building on 60A Freeman Street, Epetedo.

The Lagos State Building Control Agency on Friday began the demolition of defective buildings. These buildings range from ItaFaaji, Isale Eko among others.


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Under the Lagos law, once a building collapses, the Lagos State Government automatically takes over the land and it becomes Lagos Government property.


LASG Takes Over The Land Of Collapsed School

LASG Takes Over The Land Of Collapsed School


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