JAMB talks about extending the registration period.

JAMB talks about an extension that fails the registration period.

JAMB talks about extending the registration period.
JAMB talks about an extension that fails the registration period. Read more news here at www.africpro.com

View the progress report in the JAMB record for the registration period failures

The Joint Board of Admissions and Registration (JAMB) reported that it can not extend the registration period for 2019

AfricPro News understands that the exam deadline ended on February 21, 2019.

Speaking to reporters today during an inspection of the accredited Computer Based Testing Centers selected in Lagos.

The Chairman of the JAMB Board of Governors, Dr. Emmanuel Ndukwe, said the findings were based on continuous registration in the majority of the centers.

However, I said that the exercise had been satisfactory.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that three major centers were inspected during the tour.

I am really impressed with what I have seen regarding the registration of candidates for the unified tertiary examination.

The reports obtained from the various administrators of these centers, the exercise has been carried out without problems.

Exercise is smooth without a problem, means that there may not be an extension of the deadline for this record.

We must be strict with the approved date of closing of the exercise given to the public.

I saw some of the centers where we had many systems with few candidates to attend.

Therefore, all potential candidates for the exam should take into account the registration deadline; said Ndukwe.

The president recommended that the administrators of the CBT centers respect the rules and regulations that guide the process in their interest and that of the candidates.

“If we have to find centers that do not comply with the rules and regulations established, or that participate in something that could undermine the integrity of the exam, we will not hesitate to resort to these centers to serve as a deterrent to others.” ”

“It could be seen that, during the inspection, we also took the time to talk to some candidates at random, in an attempt to find out if they were overloaded at one stage or another in the course of registering for the exam.

“We are being very strict about this because the government led by President Mohammadu Buhari, in his magnanimity, reduced the cost of the registration document from the initial N5,000 to N3,500.

“This reduction rate should be carried out later because it was made as a result of this government’s concern about the difficult situation of the ordinary Nigerian.

“Therefore, the board will not take kindly, any form of extortion on them,” he said.

He assured that a security device had already been installed to ensure that cybercafes operators remained out of the registration process and said that their participation in recent years had been a nuisance for the candidates and for the country in general.

Mr. Olufemi Amoda, Center Manager, Electronic Test Company, JKK House, on Ikorodu Road, one of the centers visited, said that more than 5,000 candidates had registered for the exam at the center.

I said that the exercise had not had problems and I added that it was possible thanks to what I described as “excellent network flow”.

“In fact, we’re happy with the way the registration was made, compared to our experience from the previous year.

“You may be interested to know that we do not make less than 150 entries per day, it is very encouraging, since we are satisfied with all the agreements established by the board.

“To simulation, the test and our backup equipment, including our CCTV cameras, is up to date and fully functional.

“This is an attempt to ensure that the test is very successful,” he said.

At the Academy Ha-Shem Ltd., at the exit of Iwaya Road in Yaba, also visited by Ndukwe, the manager, Ms. Marie Akpenyi, also praised the efforts made by the board to ensure the success of the UTME.

According to her, the registration of candidates this year has been simple since the occasional challenges are rectified quickly.

Candidates interviewed at the center said they registered easily without spending more than 10 minutes in the process.

The NAN reports that the registration, which began on January 10, will close on February 21.

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