Boko Haram attackers

Suspected Boko Haram attackers were injured during an operational attacks LAFIYA DOLE

Boko Haram attackers

Boko haram attackers, According to Sector 2, Operation LAFIYA DOLE of the Nigeria army in Damaturu, said the successfully suspected Boko Haram attackers who attempted to hijack Damaturu, the capital city of Yobe, on Tuesday.

Lt. Njoka Irabor, acting deputy director, army public relations, sector 2 Operation LAFIYA DOLE, said the troops had lured and killed many of the suspected Boko Haram attackers trying to infiltrate attack to Damaturu.

Irabor said in a statement: “After credible information about Boko Haram attackers’ planned efforts to attack Damaturu, Sector 2 forces, Nigeria Army Operation LAFIYA DOLE, they were ambushed and led to the eradication of many Boko Haram attackers.

“Vigilant troops have effectively raided the criminals a few meters before the Maisandari community on the outskirts of the town of Damaturu.

“Terrorists were overwhelmed by the superior firepower of the brave troops and the well-coordinated air support of the air component of Operation LAFIYA DOLE,” he said.

According to AfricPro, “many terrorists encountered their Waterloo, some were injured and some equipment was repaired.

“Part of the recovered equipment consisted of two gun trucks, two anti-aircraft guns, a 60-millimetre mortar, four AK 47 rifles, a general machine gun and 1245 rounds of 7.62 mm (NATO) ammunition.”

Irabor said the troops were also starting to flee with terrorists to clean up and comb the general area.

He said there were no reports of casualties to the army or civilians because there were normal activities going on with residents running their business.


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